About Dunkin Donuts

DunkinRunsOnYou is an official Dunkin Donuts customer survey available at www.dunkinrusonyou.com. 


The purpose of the DunkinRunsOnYou is to take honest customer feedback regarding Dunkins Restaurant’s cleanliness, Food quality, and the staff’s behavior.

About Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donut is one of America’s best and most popular restaurants and was founded in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950 by William Rosenberg.

In addition, it has grown rapidly in around 46 countries around the world, reaching more than 12,600 restaurants. They believe in serving the best.

In addition, it offers various dishes such as classic coffee and sweets as well as a delicious selection of sweets and sandwiches, etc.

To improve their business, they even conducted a survey called the DunkinRunsOnYou Survey. There they collect honest opinions of the restaurants of the clients who visit their facilities.


There they allow customers to enter the contest and win prizes.

You can find the survey on the official DunkinRunsOnYou website at DunkinRunsOnYou.com. After purchasing donuts at Dunkins Restaurant, you will receive a receipt along with a search code. If you like donuts, you can also share the restaurant experience for better service in the future. We explain the steps for conducting DunkinRunsOnYou research in our article.

DunkinRunsOnYou is for those who have shopped at one of the Dunkin stores and are ready to share their experience with management. Every restaurant has good and bad sides, and this information will help your business grow. Dunkin Runs on You does exactly that: it collects your feedback and analyzes it to improve products and services.

Dunkin Donuts began in Quincy, Massachusetts in 1950 under the leadership of William Rosenberg. It was then acquired by Baskin-Robbins from Allied Lyons in 1990. Dunkin ‘is considered the leader in regular hot/cold/flavored coffee and many other healthy coffees.

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